Wall sign

1800mm x 1200mm Printed graphic on Allypanel
1200mm x 60mm

Camo Camper

camo camper 2
Vinyl camo wrap over all sides and top of camper

Stage Backdrop 2015


Shoalhaven Country Linedancers Cancer Fundraiser Roaring 20’s Charity Night.
Painted cut out props and backdrop


Thunderbird top restoration 2015

thunderbird 4
This fibreglass top was just about had it when it arrived,  large cracks running up the sides, crazy cracks right through the Gel coat,  badly patched up attempted repairs…sections distorted and missing.
It took some work but it’s come out a treat,  Colour matched and repaired. 
thunderbird 3 thunderbird

Boat Wrap

boat wrap 3

Wrapped this tournament boat today.
Not my design and not my print, just had the job of wrapping.
the original design was a little off for the boat but with a bit of pulling and stretching we made it fit…just.

Freestyle Creations


Freestyle Creations. Print and Vinyl lettering as required
by client

Vehicle Graphic


Vinyl print by Graphicus – design and application by Woollamia Signs

Airbrush on an old 1965 Ford Fairlane
Betty Boop - Iconic cartoon character from the 50's